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Sleep Talking and Movement Disorders

The advantages of a Firm Mattress

The mid-70s and early 80s saw many people invest in what was then, waterbeds. The rocking and rolling beds were a preferred option for many, and for a reason everyone wanted a bed comfortable enough to promote good sleep.

The craze has however faded with the good old firm mattresses taking the front seat once again. Many people today are more concerned about their comfort in the bedroom than anything else in the house. It doesn’t make any sense for one to invest in trendy furniture that only makes you wake up feeling exhausted and an aching back. Many today prefer a firmer mattress or firm mattress topper comfortable enough to take them through the night without aching backs and a stiff neck.

Gone are the days when only a spring mattress (with an innerspring coil) was the only way to get a firm mattress. Although these mattresses offered the support one needed to prevent back pains, it came at a cost and you had to sacrifice comfort in the process. Technology has however made it possible for one to get all the comfort and firmness he/she needs in a mattress without sacrificing anything. Thanks to technology, you can now choose from hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses that are firm and comfortable at the same time.

If you have been looking for a good mattress or shopping one for that matter, a firmer mattress might be just what you need. Doctors, chiropractors, and sleep therapists recommend a firm mattress for it provides all the support and comfort you need while you sleep. This is particularly important considering you need to spend at least 7 hours on your bed sleeping.

The Pros of A Firm Mattress

1. Superior Comfort

Comfort is the first thing you should have in mind when shopping for a mattress. Firm mattresses provide optimal support and comfort, hence recommended for all. They are especially comfortable for older people suffering from back pains, neck, and joint problems.

2. Good Posture While You Sleep

The spine (back) not only needs support while you sleep, but should also be properly aligned to avoid waking up to an aching back. The slightest misalignment of the spine/back for 8 hours can spell disaster the following day, and many more days to come. Firmer mattresses however provide the support your body needs to ensure the back is properly aligned through the night. This eliminates any stress or strain on both the back and other joints.

3. Deep Sleep

Softer mattresses have one thing in common; they put some form of strain to your body while you sleep. These mattresses will sag in one spot or two, forcing the body to try to compensate for the awkward position. This is what makes most people turn and toss in bed. A firm mattress, however, eliminates the unorthodox positions leaving you comfortable and peaceful through the night. This translates to peaceful sleep and the ability to drift into deep sleep easily.

4. Optimal Weight Distribution

Firm mattresses can support your body weight very easily. This means it won’t sag in one direction.

5. It's Good for Your Health

Sleep is essentially needed for one to be healthy. This is why doctors and health practitioners recommend sleeping for at least 8 hours a day. It is while you sleep that the body gets into repair mode where all body processes and hormones are balanced out. You, therefore, need a good mattress to promote just that - good sleep. With enough sleep, stress, depression, or back pains due to lack of the sale are eliminated.

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