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1. Infant Car Seats Might Pose Breathing Risks.
   Small study found leaving sleeping babies alone in them could lead to blocked airways
     08-Dec-2006 | A536515

2. Health Highlights: Dec. 7, 2006.

  • Consumer-Driven Health Plans Not Attracting People: Survey
  • Keep Toys with Magnets Away From Young Kids, CDC Warns
  • EPA Announces Final 9/11 Testing and Cleanup Program
  • Schizophrenia Drug Shows Promise
  • Brain Scans Could Help Predict Schizophrenia

     07-Dec-2006 | A536491

3. Depression, Mental Woes More Common in First-Time Moms.
   The risk is highest in first months after birth, study finds
     05-Dec-2006 | A536450

4. Common PTSD Drug May Be Useless.
   Study finds guanfacine offers no benefit and carries risks
     01-Dec-2006 | A536351

5. FDA Panel Backs Celebrex for Kids With Arthritis.
   Says benefits outweigh potential risks to those with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
     30-Nov-2006 | A536350

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Arousal: Those that wake the sleeper; night terrors and sleepwalking.
Night Terrors
Sleep-Wake Transition: Those that cause partial arousal; sleep talking.
REM Sleep: Those that occur during REM; RBD and sleep paralysis.
Sleep Paralysis
Other Parasomnias: Bedwetting, teeth grinding and SIDS 
Teeth Grinding


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