Business gifts with meaning

Any gift is good only if it is well thought out, fits the situation and has a certain meaning. Psychologists believe that advertising on gifts is usually perceived favorably by others, does not cause irritation and has a long duration of action.

Such items are used to reach a predetermined audience, serve as location marks, attract attention and are valuable as memories. Often, a bright image (company logo or insignia) displayed on a business accessory is much more effective than advertising leaflets, booklets and posters. In addition, the very fact of giving and receiving gifts causes positive emotions and contributes to a favorable atmosphere for business communication.

In addition to promotional functions souvenirs help to form the image of the company. Badges, T-shirts, caps with company symbols immediately catch the eye and attribute a person to a particular corporation, party or other organization, talk about his position in society, preferences or sympathies. The use of accessories with the company’s logo by rank-and-file employees speaks volumes. This creates an image of a cohesive team, raises corporate spirit, causes confidence in customers and partners. Naturally, the employees themselves should want to use pens and notebooks with the logo of their company. And for this purpose it is necessary that these accessories were thought over, not banal, useful in work.

Although it often makes sense to buy other useful gifts for your subordinates, such as Such a gift will tell them you care.

Not a simple thing

Usually ordering souvenirs is timed to any event: New Year, company anniversary, presentation or exhibition. However, this does not mean that the choice must be made in a hurry. Obviously, if you decide to make the weeklies in two weeks before the end of the year, you have to be content with the colors and formats that remain from the orders of other, more agile firms. Or get your weeklies in February, when they will be completely irrelevant.

Specialists in advertising and public relations highlighted the following criteria for selecting a firm for the production of souvenirs. The biggest role for the respondents is the quality of service – 35%. The price policy of the company is also an important criterion according to 21% of respondents. 14% work only with regular partners, and for the same number of respondents the key selection criterion is the reputation of the company. For 10% the most important seems to be the range of services provided. The remaining 2% rely on recommendations of their business colleagues or advertising. 

The design of a souvenir can be developed by the design group you work with on a regular basis. And put the information on the subject is better to entrust the company specializing in various types of printing and engraving. However, for this it is not bad to know what kind of overprint exists and what best meets your needs.

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