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We are dedicated to providing useful, timely, accurate, and easily understood information on a wide range of healthcare topics. This site is provided free of charge, requiring neither registration nor submission of any personal information to view or use the information.

Our aim is to help consumers by empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed health decisions. Through providing information our intention is to facilitate communication between site visitors, patients and healthcare professionals.

Medical Content

Our content is created by a dedicated research team under the supervision of a senior medical director. Where appropriate, medical content is reviewed by qualified peers, Institutional Review Boards and other ethics committees.

Every site is developed with an independent, unbiased viewpoint. We never compromise the integrity of information by accepting editorial from any of our funding sponsors or by modifying content to agree with a sponsor’s aims.

Sources of Funds and Philanthropy

We are a profit making entity with a philanthropic mission. We generate revenue from grants, sponsorship, donations, non-conflictive promotion services and clinical trial recruitment. Our clients and sponsors are respected pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical investigators and healthcare organizations, both for profit and not for profit. Certain of our websites include links to pharmaceutical and biotechnology company websites for which we are paid. It is through providing these links that we generate the revenues to pay for our publications. Where such links exist, the destination site is always clearly marked as being owned or sponsored by a commercial organization.